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The Facts About Mini Loans

Introducing Mini Loans From Direct Lender

There are many types of lenders present in the market nowadays and one of which is mini loans. From the name itself, it offers a small amount which is useful for dealing with unexpected expenses. It is also helpful when you’re running out of money and you need something to tide you over the month. Mini loans are different from bank loans as it does not provide a large sum, require strict criteria and complicated conditions.

Once approved, a mini loans direct lender lends an amount ranging from £100 to £1000. It has no heavy requirements, thus can be processed instantly. However, despite the accessibility it offers, it comes with several characteristics that can be considered as drawbacks.

Mini Loans UK and Mini Loans Instant: Carry Expensive Rates

While the loan is helpful when you can’t wait any longer, mini loans instant carries high-interest rates that are often hard to settle. Sometimes, the total amount becomes bigger than the actual fund you’ve borrowed. Primarily, it’s because of the minimal requirements it demands. Unlike banks and traditional loans, a bank account and a source of income are enough to acquire the debt. There’s no credit check, collateral or long verification required and the lender’s only way to reduce risks is to apply expensive charges. Additional fees incur if the borrower fails to repay on time; late payments are added as a penalty. As a result, the total amount becomes exorbitant.

Another disadvantage of the loan is the short-repayment term. Since the given amount is small, it is expected to be settled as soon as possible. Normally, the lender grants two to three weeks to repay the loan, depending on their terms and conditions.

Mini Loans For Bad Credit Customers

Banks and traditional loan facilities are not the ones who offer mini loans; rather, it’s the credit unions. One of the easiest ways to acquire it is over the Internet. Accomplishing a 5-minute application form online is required, which means providing personal and financial details. Once the application is submitted, a verification call will be required and after the approval, the loan will be sent directly to the provided bank account. A credit check is not necessary and bad credit borrowers can borrow the loan without any worries.

Instead of relying on the credit history, the mini-loan lender will look at the bank statement of the borrower. He will also consider any proof of income that would support his capability to repay the loan. The income may come from employment or from other alternative funds like benefits, pension, or alimony.

Having a bad credit history is one of the worst mistakes that anyone can have because it limits the chance of getting approved. From a simple late payment to more severe ones, such as arrears, defaults, bankruptcy, or CCJs – these financial errors make getting a loan impossible. But, no matter how low your credit score is, there’s still a way to increase it. Improving your credit score is one of the few ways to get back on track. Repaying on time and settling your current debts are some of the things you can do to enhance it.

Requirements Of Mini Loans With No Guarantor

Unlike other types of loans, mini loans have less complicated requirements. In fact, it barely has any prerequisites involved. There’s no need to provide an endorsement from another person or to have a salary, although a source of income is required. The only thing that the lender needs are the assurance that the loan will be settled on the agreed repayment date. Otherwise, the borrower will face terrible consequences such as getting a lower credit score or facing court charges. No matter how small or big the borrowed amount is, once you choose to default, it comes with a terrible outcome that will make creating a new line of credit difficult.

Some of the requirements include age, residency, and bank account. Only 18 years old and above are allowed to get the loan. As for the residency, the borrower should possess a UK residency or citizenship to be qualified. Bank accounts are important for dual purposes – to receive and send money. Rather than going to the lender’s office personally, the borrower will get the money through his bank. He will also compensate the loan through auto-debit instead of giving a post-dated check.

Mini Loans: Is A Guarantor Required?

Guarantors or cosigners are rarely required when getting mini loans. The credit is too small to be vouched for but still, the lender needs to ensure that the borrower can handle the loan. If you’re looking for the right provider, here are some tips that you should follow:

  • Shop And Compare

Going online provides a wide access to different lenders so use it wisely. Find at least five potential lenders and compare their conditions, rates, and repayment terms to find out which offers the best option.

  • Contact The Lender

List all your concerns and call the lender to have it answered. Not only will you give yourself a detailed response, you can also assess whether their customer service attends your requests easily or not.

  • Check Their APR

Some lenders may show low-interest loans but you’re clueless about how much you’re really going to pay until you ask. Read the fine print to find any hidden charges and if their interest rate is reasonable enough. Compare each APR to know the whole amount you’re going to settle, including the principal rate, interest, and other fees.

  • Read Feedback

Take advantage of the resources online to know more about your potential lender. Read reviews from their former clients to understand their service. Do they have intimidating agents? How honest and transparent are they? Do they deserve your trust? No matter how desperate you are in getting a loan, spend enough time in getting to know each lender. After all, the loan is not for free and you will repay more than what you’ve borrowed. So, the last thing you want is to deal with an unworthy lender.