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What to Look for When Taking Out Payday Loans

We understand that it can be a very stressful process to get the right payday loans for what you need. Luckily for yo, that is exactly what we do here at Cashity. Below you will find the different kinds of payday loans that we offer a little explanation so as to help you decide. Don’t worry however if you are still unsure, our dedicated team of payday loans experts will be able to help you no matter what, so either fill out our easy online application form and let our experts do the hard work for you or contact us for more advice on how to proceed.

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24 Hour

This just refers to the length of time, at most, that the money will be in your account. If you need payday loans funds relatively quickly then a 24 hour deposit could be great for you.

Advance Payday

Sometimes you need your payday now and not in a couple weeks for various reasons. No problem, with advance payday loans you can bring money into your bank account sooner.

Cash Advance

For those times when you need a quick cash injection into your bank. Often for an unexpected bill or perhaps just a limited time offer that you can’t miss. Cash advance is great for many situations.

Debt Consolidation

These are great when you owe varying amounts to multiple companies and by using this method you can bring them all into one easier to manage payment and often reduce the overall interest accrued.

Direct Lenders

By getting your finance scheme through a direct lender you will be making sure that there are no middle men dipping their hand in the pot and raising your interest rates to pay for it.


These loans are great for situations that have arisen in a sudden fashion. Whether it be emergency car expenses so that you can get to work or a surprise bill then you may find these suitable.


You can do everything online here with no need to fax over any details or forms like the loans of the last decade. With everything being done electronically you will save yourself time and money.


These are for those who have very bad credit ratings and are struggling to find a lender or those who have been refused finance in the past. We guarantee that you will get the money you want.


You will get your response instantly. We have a dedicated team of experts working continuously to make sure that you can get the most suitable finance plan possible in no time at all.


Having an understanding of what interest rates are and how they work is very important to financial needs. For more information on what good interest rates are follow here.


Having a good lender is crucial to getting the best deal when it comes to payday loans. Our team has spent a lot of time scouring the UK to find the very best to get you the best deals.

Loan Calculator

To make sure that you are able to afford the funds that you want a loan calculator is often a good idea. Simply fill in the application form and our team of experts will calculate everything for you.


For those that have slightly more breathing room, our team will be able to find you the lowest APR from around the country to make sure that you have the very best plan for you.

No Credit Check

Without the need for a credit check it means that those with bad credit can still get funding by looking at their income and position at this moment instead of the past.

People with Bad Credit

Having bad credit is a very common issue these days but it doesn’t have to mean that you can’t get the funds that our looking for. Many lenders will still accept those with bad credit ratings.


What can seem like a strange term when talking about loans but is surprisingly relevant. To find the best places online to acquire our finance plan why not let us do the work for you.

Quick Approval

If you hate the part of waiting to hear the ‘yes’ then these are perfect for you. Our on hand team will start work as soon as your application is done and will get you an answer in no time.

Quick Cash

These loans are designed for those that are in a rush. By making the whole process streamlined we can accelerate everything, making sure the funds are in your account as quickly as possible.

Same Day

This one is quite self-explanatory, it means that you can get the funds on the same day you have applied as long as it’s not too late in the evening.

Till Payday

These are a very short term solution to when you need funds right away. Mostly no more than 14 days long due to their quick turn around nature.


Having a UK based lender protects you in many ways. It means the FCA has been involved with their lending process and deemed it safe for UK residents.